Blue bowl of facial clay with silver spoon

Clay: The Skin Detoxer

March 21, 2017

Learn how this ancient beauty tool can help exfoliate and tighten your skin naturally.
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Hand reaching into a bag of pink rose petals

Rose: Beauty Essential

February 17, 2017

Rose isn’t just a pretty flower. It’s a nourishing, bioactive remedy for your skin.
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Cocoon Apothecary essential oil bottles with green leaves

4 Ess. Oils for Winter

January 05, 2017

Combat microbes of all kinds and keep your air clean by introducing these oils into your home.
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Cinnamon sticks and other simmer pot ingredients

DIY: Spiced Simmer Pot

December 07, 2016

Set the mood for holiday cheer with this simple, great-smelling simmer pot recipe.
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Shea butter with shea nuts, daisies and oil

A Guide to Moisturizing

November 14, 2016

Just one moisturizer may not be ideal for your skin year round. Learn to navigate the beauty aisle!
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Lemon slice against blue background

11 Green Clean Recipes

October 20, 2016

Discover natural solutions to every household chore. Save money, the planet, and your health.
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Middle-aged woman with short hair moisturizing her eyes in the mirror with a white bathrobe on

Say No to Coconut Oil

October 13, 2016

Does your moisturizer have the right combination of fatty acids for your skin?
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Wealthy-looking man in blue shirt

Humidor is World Class

August 10, 2016

Beard expert Bobert Brush successfully tested our product with his scientific beard oil review. 
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