lavender care set with bath products and soaps
lavender care set with bath products and soaps

Lavender Care Package

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With lavender, it's all about the relaxation. Treat yourself or someone you love to a care package containing lavender bath products and soaps.

Lavandin Bath Cube: Our cube-shaped bath bombs offer an effervescent bathing experience that softens and exfoliates skin while moisturizing with lavandin-infused castor oil. 

Ingredients: Sodium bicarbonate (baking soda)citric acidcastor seed oil, lavandin essential oil. 

Lavandin Bar Soap: A plant-based soap that creates a gentle lather ideal for dry and sensitive skin. These firm Marseilles-inspired bars are cube-shaped with no added colourants. Scented with fresh, clean lavandin essential oil.

Ingredients: Saponified oils of olivesweet almondcoconutcocoa buttershea butterstearic acid, lavandin essential oil. 

Lavender Bath Salts:  Therapeutic mineral salts infused with lavender essential oil creates a grounding relaxing soak.  Dead Sea and Epsom salts purify skin and provide soothing relief to the entire body.

Ingredients: Dead Sea salt, Epsom salt, lavender oil.  

Touchy Feely Hand Soap: A plant-based, vegan hand soap that effectively washes hands without over-drying or irritating skin. A concentrated formula that requires less product (and less packaging). Blended with the fresh, clean scents of lavender and rosemary essential oils.

Ingredients: Coco glucoside, saponified coconut oil*, water, glycerin*, lavender essential oil*, rosemary essential oil*, citric acid. 

Headband: Soft, absorbent terrycloth headband with bendable twist ends that give a custom fit and stays put.

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