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Our skincare, bath & body products, and perfumes contain only vegan, natural ingredients. We never test on animals and everything we create is safe for humans, water, soil, and air! Best of all, our clean formulas don't sacrifice performance, texture, or scent.

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What Customers are saying:
I really like this formula and scent (Magic Bean Body Lotion).I am sensitive to scents, especially florals, but this is very subtle and natural smelling while you put it on and does not have a lingering perfume. A little also goes a long way which is nice. It feels moisturizing in a healthy way and not that I am just slathering goop everywhere. 

Jules N.

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Parabens Formaldehyde-releasers Petroleum, silicones, mineral oil Phthalates Artificial aromas or fragrances Dyes EDTA, BHA or BHT