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Glacial Marine Clay

EXTRACTION: Harvested 

DESCRIPTION: As glaciers move and melt, the process of erosion produces glacial marine clay.  The glacial marine clay used in Cocoon products is sourced from British Columbia.  What makes this clay unique is that its deposits are located underneath a live glacier rather than in a location where glaciers existed years ago, meaning precious mineral-rich runoff settles below in these deposits and continue to do so every day.  As these minerals run off the glacier, they are energized through the process of hydrolysis, giving the clay in the deposits below intense healing powers. This clay contains remarkably high levels of beneficial materials and exceptionally low levels of heavy metals.  This glacial marine clay also contains micronutrients from marine phytoplankton, which has many skincare and health benefits. The glacial marine clay is extracted, dried, and processed into tiny particles smaller than plant pollen allowing it to penetrate deep into pores.


FOUND IN: Ancient Mud Facial Mask