Plant-Based Bar Soap

Plant-Based Bar Soap For Dry And Sensitive Skin

We Need To Protect Our Barrier So It Can Protect Us!

Our skin is the largest organ of the body and it is one of the first things people notice about us. But we forget that skin is truly alive, and it absorbs what we put on it, the good and the bad.

Our skin is the front-line barrier of protection against the entry of microbes, UV radiation and other hazardous substances that we encounter in our environment. So, the ingredients in everything we use externally on our bodies are as important as the ingredients we consume for nutrition.

Just like our food options, we can make the choice to use what is most beneficial and nourishing or what seemingly does the trick and has a better price point. The right ingredients maintain healthy, hydrated, glowing skin with a strong barrier. The wrong ones will cause unhealthy, dry, rough, flakey, irritated, congested or dull skin, skin conditions like acne or dermatitis and will damage our protective barrier.

The main function of soap is to clear the surface of the skin of microbes, dirt, excess oil, sweat, dead skin cell and all the other yucky things that stick to it. It breaks the oily layer on the surface and lifts pathogens away from our skin. But that doesn’t have to be all it does, soap can be so much more when the right ingredients are used.

Soap Can Be...

Moisturizing, Nourishing, Healing, Exfoliating, Purifying, Relaxing, Balancing, Calming, Mood-Elevating

About Our Natural Bar Soap

Hand-made, Small Batch, Artisanal
Eco-Friendly, Zero-Waste
Made With 100% Natural, Plant-Based, High-Quality Ingredients chosen for their beneficial properties
Gentle Lather that is good for Dry and Sensitive Skin because it Does Not Strip Natural Oils from skin
Use Natural Exfoliants. We use coffee grounds for our Exfoliating Bar Soap
Made with Saponified Plant-Based Oils of Olive, Sweet Almond, Coconut, Cocoa Butter and Shea Butter that not only Cleanse but Moisturize and Nourish the skin. Saponification is the exothermic chemical reaction that creates soap and leaves it full of Moisturizing Natural Oils and Glycerin. Glycerin is a Natural Humectant and Skin Emollient meaning it prevents moisture loss and softens dry, rough and flakey skin
Naturally Fragranced using Pure Essential Oils which contribute their Therapeutic and Healing Benefits to the soap. The therapeutic scent of essential oils connects with your Limbic System which controls your mood. The aroma from the essence of a plant can help us with Relaxing, Calming, Balancing, Mood-Elevating and Energizing. The steam created when bathing combined with the essential oils in the soap create an ideal way to breathe in the aromas.
Long-Lasting and dries easy in the shower. Does not create a goopy mess. We use Stearic Acid, a fatty acid extracted from plants, as a thickening agent that also helps to prevent melting in warmer temperatures. Plant fats that are solid at room temperature contain high amounts of stearic acid. This includes Shea Butter, Cocoa Butter, Palm Oil and Coconut Oil
Does not require preservatives because it has a pH level that doesn’t allow mold or bacteria growth
Ingredient transparency. All ingredients are listed individually, nothing is clumped together under a term like "fragrance" or "parfum"
Rendered Animal Fats Synthetics Chemical Fragrance Plastics Harsh Detergents(SLS, SLES) Skin Irritants Parabens Petrochemicals Toxins Carcinogens

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